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Random Fence Post
Yes, it is a random post!

Do you ever write an email that you think deserves some more exposure?!? Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I went back to re-read this and just really like it! The answer was to a question that came my way from a small business owner who will be utilizing our Free Week Trial at Frontal Lobe next week. Her question was in regards to what the protocol would be if she did sign up for a Lite Membership which gives members access for 3 days a week and having to let me know what days she would be working, here is my response!

Let me try to follow your questions. Are you asking me if you became a member if you would have to report to me on what days of the week you are going to use the space? For example the Lite Membership gives you 3 days per week. My answer is NO! It is an on your honor system and you can come and go as you please and change your schedule as you want! It is a loose guideline and if for some reason you really needed to meet a client because you were about to close a huge deal by all means do it! We are trying to build a great space for people to be productive and build their businesses! I don’t want to hold anyone back, so if you use an extra day just be honest with me and if it becomes something that happens a few times then maybe we need to look at upgrading to the Full Membership! I hope this clears things up and I want the least amount of barriers as possible so people use the space to the max!

I just hope by posting this you get a better understanding of the mindset we have here at Frontal Lobe Coworking!

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