Not “Really” an Incubator

We are excited and grateful to have the media and news pick up our story and help spread the word about Frontal Lobe and our Downtown Howell development!  One point that we want to make clear is our business model.  Frontal Lobe will have a portion of its clientel who will utilize our facility in the manner of an incubator, but we are much more.  Frontal Lobe will be a coworking facility (“What is Coworking?“).  The philosophy, target audience goes much broader than that of an incubator.

Frontal Lobe strives to be a place with a much larger reach.  We want to pull “work from home” employees out of their basements, give new life and assist in the next step physically to the small “growing” business owners looking for a new and exciting place to work.  To pull together people from all walks of business life.  From start-up entrepreneurs, to well established business owners and everything in between.  Also reaching out to the Engineer or Sales person cutting the cost of commuting.  Offering space to hold conferences, presentations and large meetings.  Equipped to do things like hold video conference calls 24 hours a day!

We will be creating a “co-working” facility.  Taking ideas from the best of the best and then adding needs for our clients as we grow.  Emulating spaces like the ones below, here are some examples that we will pull inspiration from:

Citizen Space – Multiple Locations

Second Gear Coworking – Lansing, MI

Frontal Lobe will start up primarily as a coworking community, a tech brewery if you will.  This business will be living and breathing like any other, and will fill the demand for incubator type space if needed, up to full lockable office space rentals.  Being flexible to meet the demands of our community and clients.  Here is a good article that explains the differences, Click Here.

We hope this clears up any confusion.  Please post your comments, we would love to hear your thoughts and your needs.  Also provide your contact information, we will be holding at least one focus group session, open to the public.  Looking to help Frontal lobe create the right work environment and culture!

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